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Lash Extensions Certification




16 Hrs

About the Course

2-day class of eyelash extensions for beginners with the following topics to be covered:


• Misconceptions about eyelash extensions

•Classic vs. Volume

•Natural eyelash growth. •The cycle of the eyelashes

• Product knowledge (professional kit included)

•Tweezers •Adhesives

•Types of eyelash extensions. •Eyelash lengths. • Eyelash curls

•Lashes/diameters • Fans. •Weight of the fans

•Contraindications, reactions, allergies and infections

• Eye disorders

•Consultation •Consent of the client

•Patch test

•Sterilization and disinfection

•Hygiene and salon configuration

•Shape of eyes

•Mapping of eyelashes and style

•Practice tab mapping


•How to make fans

• Practice of fans

•Fixation and retention

•Application of extensions step by step

•Placement of layers

•Taping methods

• Eyelash fillers

•How to remove eyelash extensions



Participants will provide models for hands-on training.

Additional models will be provided by Juvenex Esthetics Advanced Academy for hands-on training.

Your Instructor

Yessica Rodriguez

Yessica Rodriguez

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