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Volume and Wispy Master Certification




16 Hrs

About the Course

2-day theory and hands-on seminar of eyelash extensions to learn Volume and Wispy Techniques with the following topics to be covered:


  • Mascara Wet Look

  • How to give your client exactly what they want through lengths, curls, shapes, routine

  • Manipulating eye shapes

  • 4 different fanning techniques to create different textures

  • The purpose of lashing in layers

  • Lash mapping

  • 48 detailed lash maps by layer

  • 3 different styles

  • 16 variations for each style, including different lengths, diameters, and eye shapes.

  • Understanding types of fans widths

  • How to choose a style based on client's eyeshade

Participants will provide models for hands-on training.

Additional models will be provided by Juvenex Esthetics Advanced Academy for hands-on training.

Your Instructor

Yessica Rodriguez

Yessica Rodriguez

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