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Maximizing Lash Lifting Certification




6 Hrs

About the Course

This certification provide participants learn advanced techniques to create the most beautiful and dramatic look of lashes, as well as the maximizing treatment procedure. This course was created to beauticians who want to upgrade their skill to the next level.


  • What is 'lash maximizing treatment'

  • Learn and understand the lash cycle

  • Step by step- how to perform

  • How to clean the lashes

  • How to find the right shields for your clients

  • How to place the shields correctly

  • How to place the lashes for the most dramatic look

  • How to apply solutions

  • How to know the right timing for the lifting step

  • How/when to apply the lash maximizing cream

  • Tips on tint application .

  • Safety hygiene management

  • Pre-care and After-care

  • How to do a patch test

  • Allergic reactions and how to treat them

  • Common questions

  • Reasons why lash lift doesn't come out

  • Tips for social marketing

Your Instructor

Yessica Rodriguez

Yessica Rodriguez

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