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Dermaplaning Certification




6 Hrs

About the Course

This certification is designed to educate participants on advanced techniques in the esthetics field; including safety protocols, benefits of the treatments, tools to be used, products, protocols to magnify the patient outcomes and limitations of Dermaplaning. Participants will acquire a knowledge of how to properly prepare and perform the treatment also how to resolve common issues that may arise as well social media marketing .


  • Introduction to Dermaplaning

  • Overview of the treatment

  • Evaluations on areas to treat and patient selection

  • Safety protocols to follow

  • Benefits and limitations

2. Protocols , tools and products.

  • Selection on tools to be used

  • Skin preparation

  • Protocols on treatment and contraindications

  • Selection on ingredients , serums or mask to be used.

  • Post-procedure care and follow-up.

3. Techniques and procedures

  • Proper way to perform the treatment

  • Common issues and ways to resolve them.

  • Enhancement of treatment with other modalities.

4. Advanced modalities and social media marketing

  • Incorporation of advanced modalities to magnify results.

  • Marketing and targeting audience.

By enrolling, participants agree to serve as models and practitioners for the

hands-on portion.

Your Instructor

Yessica Rodriguez

Yessica Rodriguez

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